Construction Projects & Productivity: Thriving In the Roaring 20s of the Industry

by | Jul 20, 2021

In a recent blog, we discuss crucial construction statistics that are shaking up the industry. One important factor to note is the average construction backlog of 7.5 months as of September 2020. Pair this build-up of past projects with a long list of current and upcoming work, and the industry is thriving in ways we haven’t seen in years – it’s the Roaring Twenties of construction.

This influx of construction projects also poses new challenges for project owners and construction managers this year – a shortage of available workers. In order to combat this, productivity will be imperative. This means staying organized from start to finish by implementing the right project management systems and having full site visibility at all times. Field users in construction have been burned before, which is one of the reasons paper systems are still being used despite the inefficiency and prone to human error. Managers need a tool that doesn’t take too long to learn and won’t take them away from doing their job.

We discuss two ways that Safe Site Check In (SSCI) can streamline your daily site management behind the scenes, so you can move your projects forward efficiently and within your budget.

How Safe Site Check In Increases Construction Project Productivity

Construction Managers Save Money
It’s no secret that many digital site management tools are expensive. Not to mention, the time it takes to train workers on these systems is costly as well. With strict budgets and a rise in the cost of materials, project managers need systems that meet both their needs and their price-point. With SSCI, your team can gain full site visibility for just $99 a month. There are no apps or software needed and no training required. It’s as simple as opening the camera on your smartphone and scanning a QR code. Time is money in the construction industry, so ease of use for any program is key.

Construction Managers Save Time
Many construction managers lack easy access to information about their job sites, relying on estimates, paperwork, and manual data entry to track daily progress. This raises huge red flags, for manual data entry for daily logs is risky and time-consuming. There’s too much room for human error, and your workers’ time is better spent elsewhere to help push your projects forward. SSCI’s digital site management tool provides instant notifications, easy access to automated reports, and accurate daily logs. Automating these processes will get your workers back the time they need as they supplement personnel shortages and prepare for impending deadlines.

The Automated Site Management Tool Your Construction Project Is Missing

With budget constraints and strict timelines, Safe Site Check In (SSCI) is your best bet for ensuring you have full site visibility – without dedicating a large amount of time or money to a complex, expensive site management tool.

SSCI makes construction site visibility quick, easy, paperless, and affordable. It’s a digital site management tool that collects visitor data automatically, making job site control easier than ever. Managers or admins can set up check-in sites in minutes, then customize and adapt to change as workplace requirements evolve. Our back-end data repository makes it easy to validate everyone who was on your site, when they arrived, and for how long.
See how Safe Site Check In can increase your construction project productivity by taking advantage of our free trial offer.