How HR Executives Are Managing Workplace Safety

by | May 11, 2021

HR Executives Are Managing Safety Through Digital Screening

HR executives’ major role is to manage the employee life cycle and administer employee benefits. Developing workplace safety programs also falls under their management, but enforcement falls on safety officers; these individuals are the company’s boots on the ground. Despite being in an administrative role, HR executives are still making impacts on safety in the workplace through the help of digital screening.

Learn how HR executives are managing workplace safety by leveraging digital screening.

Starting Safety Management at the Top

Good safety management starts with top management. As reported by EHS, HR executives are focusing on getting buy-in on safety decisions such as health screening technology and procedures from senior management. Businesses that have obtained this support immediately have implemented these safety processes more quickly and been able to bring their workforce safely back into the workplace.

Changing the Approach of Accidents

Accidents happen as a result of what people do or fail to do. Instead of looking at accidents as an unavoidable part of business, HR executives are evaluating data to create a safer environment. Training and development manager Valerie Lausier-Collins needed a solution for daily reporting and tracking these types of occurrences. With digital screening technology, she was able to properly view workplace safety trends and understand how to improve site safety no matter who is present in the office.

“We’ve seen significant benefits. Using a reporting dashboard has simplified the daily log reporting and…visibility to who is currently on site.” – Valerie Lausier-Collins

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Centralizing Paperwork and Records

Mid-sized companies can spend hours a week managing safety documentation for employees. One CEO, Kyle Peacock, initially invested in a digital check-in and safety management system to help keep all employees and visitors safe. However, like many companies, he also saw time and organization benefits of centralizing these records.

“The added benefit of digitizing and streamlining the check in process saves us hours every week.” – Kyle Peacock.

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