Jobsite Management Tool for Construction Project Managers

by | Aug 31, 2021

To be a productive construction project manager, you need to have the right technical skills and the ability to successfully lead project teams. If project managers let things slip through the cracks, they risk issues with meeting project deadlines, staying on budget, and ensuring the right resources are available to get the job done. They can even jeopardize their workers’ safety.

While much of a project manager’s success comes from proper education, experience, and ongoing project ownership, there are digital jobsite management tools that can add value and peace of mind to a construction manager’s role. Read on to discover the benefits of incorporating Safe Site Check In.

Paperless Daily Logs and Data Capture

It’s no secret that construction project managers have a lot to manage day after day. Surprisingly enough, even though there is technology out there dedicated to helping automate their processes, many project managers still rely on estimates, paper, and manual data entry to track daily progress. The room for human error is far too great.

With the right jobsite management tool, project managers can showcase progress and improvements to project performance instantly. Safe Site Check In offers easy access to reports that can be seamlessly connected to most project management tools for better jobsite management. Construction managers can now focus on getting the job done and spend less time manually entering data.

Full Jobsite Visibility

Beyond automated daily log generation is also the need to see who is coming and going from the jobsite at any given time. With the risk of COVID-19 still prevalent and threatening workplace safety, construction managers are faced with capacity limits and ensuring that all visitors on-site are properly accounted for, from subcontractors to delivery drivers.

With Safe Site Check In, check-in is as simple as scanning a QR code. Visitors open the camera on their smartphone, point their phone at the QR code, and receive a prompt to start the check-in process. There’s no app to download and no training required. And construction managers can receive updates on who comes and goes in real-time.

Project Risk Management

All the issues raised above sum up to one thing – project risk management. From ensuring the right data is collected to having access to real-time notifications of who is coming and going, a digital site management tool can ensure that a project manager is taking all the right precautions. Not to mention the importance of health and safety screening, which is still crucial across countless industries. Safe Site Check In is HIPAA compliant, and allows project managers to control fast-changing screening and safety verification requirements as industry protocols evolve.

Safe Site Check In Is the Management Tool Your Construction Site Is Missing

With Safe Site Check In (SSCI), construction site visibility is quick, easy, paperless, and affordable. SSCI is a digital site management tool that collects visitor data automatically, making jobsite control easier than ever. Managers or admins can set up check-in sites in minutes, then customize and adapt to change as workplace requirements evolve. Our back-end data repository makes it easy to validate everyone who was on your site, when they arrived, and for how long.

See how Safe Site Check In can streamline your construction site’s processes by taking advantage of our free trial offer.