Workplace Implications from CDC’s New Mask Guidance

by | May 18, 2021

CDC Updates Mask Guidance

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its guidance stating that vaccinated Americans can stop wearing masks indoors in most instances. It is a big step toward a return to normalcy but has significant implications for many return-to-work plans. Many states have updated their mask guidance and restrictions following the CDC’s lead with interim rules and regulations for workplaces and employers to follow.

Here’s a look at the implications these new guidelines will have on the workplace.

How This Affects Employers

Employers in jurisdictions that have aligned with the CDC can have different policies for vaccinated and unvaccinated workers, according to some employment attorneys. Policies about returning to the workplace, like vaccinations and mask-wearing, need to be clear, consistent, and based on the latest guidance and regulations for the applicable locations and jurisdictions. Mask guidance may change or stay the same at your business, and being communicative is the best way to manage employees until they are all vaccinated.

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How Workplaces Will be Affected

While there is no consensus on workplace practices and procedures, some experts think that this update is having a significant impact on office reopening plans and could push many employers to mandate vaccines for employees returning to the office. While OSHA and other regulatory agencies prepare to provide updated guidance, employers should seek expert advice when updating their workplace policies.

Littler published a very helpful article to navigate the latest changes and the National Law Review provided a set of best practices and tips for employers to prepare for a post-vaccinated workplace.

How Safe Site Check In Can Help

Safe Site Check In is working with customers to update their screening process with different workflows and screening criteria for vaccinated and unvaccinated workers and visitors. We expect to release this capability and plan to host a webinar on this topic very soon. We expect to provide further details next week.

Watch a Demo of Safe Site Check In here.


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