Safe Site Check In Now Features Contact Tracing, Customized Questionnaire and Spanish Language Support

Aug 4, 2020

Safe Site Check In’s latest release of its touchless app is featured in AEC Next | Read article at AEC Next

With more than 90 construction sites and 1700 workers in the U.S. relying on its construction and building site check in technology to follow OSHA guidelines, keep projects moving forward, and protect employees and site visitors from spreading COVID-19, Safe Site Check In today announced several new features in its touchless app. The new features include contact tracing, customized questionnaires, health surveys, site entry terms, and Spanish language support.

“The flexibility to add or update questions based on language or mandates from the CDC or local health authorities is key to expanding our use of Safe Site Check In across all of our sites in Texas,” said Karen Kachmar, CFO, Structura. “We’ve been taking every safety precaution to keep our job sites healthy. With the latest version of Safe Site Check In, we’re assured that everybody is doing their part to follow social distancing guidelines and answer COVID-19 related health questions before they start work.”

Safe Site Check In enables construction firms to streamline the job site check in process while ensuring workers are symptom-free of COVID-19. Employees and site visitors point their smartphone at a unique QR-coded poster hanging at a job site or lobby, securely answer COVID-19 related health questions, and immediately receive notification on whether they’re approved or denied access to a site. The health records are not stored by an employer, yet job site supervisors are immediately alerted when a person is denied access, to support contact tracing.

“The enhancements to Safe Site Check In reflect the growing demands of a diverse workforce for a simple to use, touchless app to enter work sites and public buildings,” said David Ward, CEO, Safe Site Check In. “Additionally, the ability to customize the questions helps construction firms adhere to state and local health regulations, and OSHA requirements by keeping places of employment free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees.”

Safe Site Check In is available immediately with a starting price under U.S. $3.00 per day, per construction site, for an unlimited number of employee and visitor check-ins.

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